Training While Working AND De-stressing – On Mental Target Focusing

A lot of times the trainers and pros talk about really drilling down and being exact when you focus on a target – either for a long drive or a putt or anything in between.  for example, you aim for the left lip of the cup or that side of a knoll next to the branch or something like that.

So, I’ve taken to setting up (2) 10-15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon where i practice shooting swishes by focusing on the exact location on the rim or backboard that I want to target and then thinking deliberately about my arm motion and release which (when I think about how my elbows and wrist wait and delay to create the perfect backspin control for a swish that is smooth and fluid – reminds me completely of the wrist motion and delay i should have when swing a club – much like tossing a stone in a pond or swinging a baseball bat).

Well – at least that’s what the pros say – but I’m still stuck finding my swing plane and my tempo.  I think tempo is really key and that is something i should be able to practice mentally anywhere once I find a few drills.

I still have problems getting this proper balance between tension and release but instead of shooting hopes to only stretch and get the day’s job stress off me – i shoot with intent of practicing my focus for something like putting and staring down my exact target.

It’s an easy way to incorporate some mental skills training and some balance and coordination training for golfing in my day-to-day routine.  If I can find more double-dip easy ways to practice while off the green, this will help reduce the amount of time I need on the green – thereby allowing me to still balance my home life which is real important to me right now.

food for thought


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