Fitting Matters – So I Got Mysefl Fitted 4 Golf Clubs

Looks like I’m a good fit for Ping G25s black dot, regular, graphite 34 inch.  For a driver the Cobra is recommended.  And I just think any Ping putter is fantastic but I’ll go with the scottdale which is running just over 2benjamins i think.  I also find that I like the hybrids for a 3 or 4 iron.

Note to self – I need to spec and price all the equipment plus a bag.  But, another result from bumping into Wally, I’ve confirmed that fitting is critical – which isn’t what everytone says.  Most golfers say you need to learn how to hit well before investing in getting fitted and getting the right set of clubs.

But ya’ know – I think about when I bought a violin for her – anyone who thought the endeavor should be taken seriosly said that you had to get a good instrument if you wanted the student to excel.

I think this applies here.  Who knew that all club heads have differents lies that can encourage hooking or slicing.  Apparently the black dot is most neutral but club heads can have 1 or even 2 degrees tilt away from the heel or toe.  And I can tell a definite difference it terms of the swing pattern based on the club I use.  The only other club that feels good to me like the Ping’s is the Taylor Made 360 – an old series. 


Somehow it feel like the don’t make feel like swing out towards the ball but rather down and through more like a pendulum.  The groove just feels right.

So I feel better and re-affirmed once again in my hunch that I need to invest in clubs and getting the right sized stuff even as I train myself.  As for my regime – since I don’t think i can afford the set I want until this summer, I will need to practice as many things that don’t require really good clubs.  I have a good putter so I’ll keep putting.  But practicing my swing plane, workingon my grip, hitting a bag – working on my focus – I can do a lot before I get my clubs and get my right shoulder to heal.

Also – another option is to start trolling Craiglist for used G25s or maybe the older series.  I know I like the G10s even with the funny big shaped bounces.  Maybe that’s worth a gander.

But again – the lesson of the day is – fitting matters.  An i think fitting matters here like the right kitchen utensil matters to Marther Stuart.  You can improve vastly I believe by having a very good set of clubs – customized and weighted and all just for you – much like you can cook up a strom when you have great butcher knifes and a first-class kitchen.  Sure you need instruction but every aspect matters.  Just like making a great martini.  Even the purity of the water you use to make the ice matters.

More later


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