StarDate Jan 17 0622hours – Lesson 4 the Day & Shanks

Tempo temp tempo

Complete your backswing if you’re hitting shanks to the right like Web Simpson does occasionally (according to MDrive on the GChannel).  It’s all about not being too handsy and slowing down your rythm. 

How can I do this at work.

– Simple arm/turn  practice swings 20-40 a session during outside walks – 1 morning and 1 afternoon during work.  double dip as stress reliever. 

– Try to build a 1 n 2 rythm while shooting that stupid arcade basketball hoop thing in the cafetria.  The entire foul shot motion has some similarities to the open door/close door method of keeping your elbows in and establishin your triangles while maintaining a smooth fliud motion.

– Also add accuracy training and adjustments by focusing on different target point at the hoop (right behing the hoopp ring, center of the backboard square, at a particular set of net strings, whatever), then establish a smooth flow of shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist – release.

1 and 2

So let it be written…..

Thought for the day – Hey if web simpson can shanks albeit infrequently – golf is still a sport that can be attainable by any capable human who is willing to keep trying at it.


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