The Geometry of Golf – A Good View

The Geometry of Golf – A Good View

For the erudite Saturday morning inquisitive view – I always wondered what exactly is the geometry of math that makes the pure swing feel so infinitely pure …..

and isn’t it interesting the connection between fulcrums and warfare and oil drilling and soccer and cracking a whip.

it sheds some light on why golf came around when it did in the 1800s-ish.  But still why Scotland?

Lastly, I am affirmed – there are direct correlations between variables like shaft type, flexibility, head weight, angles, height, etc… – your equipment matters big time.  put the wrong weight on a swing and it no worki.  that applies to the human body.  Plus, the shoulders are what matter – your wrists are suppose to just guide and keep the club from slipping away – which i gues is why you need that V grip between the thumb and fore finger.

A lot of the pieces are coming into place.  I think you can smarter your way to a better swing if you understand.  It’s not as painful as my high school calculus class but it’s way more applicable so I stayed engaged.

Tally Ho


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