Decisions Decisions – New Year Decisions – The Long & Short View

So – couple of things.

1) It takes even the bests pro golfer years of practice to get to top form.  So my mind frame can’t be in months, it must be in years and i need to start thinking about dedicating whole quarters or more (3-6 months at a time) to a single area of practice – sand, short game bump n run, short game bunkers, gaps/lobs, fairway shots, etc.

2) I have limitations so I need to adjust my golas accordingly.  The ideal is to get to a point that I can play tournaments that suit me – a short game player NOT a bomber, a scraper and creative player (much like my career path), not necessarily a consistent one for now.

3) I have to break the year into winter and warm weather routines to sync with the sunrise/sunfall and access to daylight patterns and the overall desire to cave in the winter and energize in the summer.  So that means – more mental games, muscle training, balance training, swing analysis, history and rules training during the short-day months and more on-course training during the long-days.

4) For this quarter the focus is on learning my lower-to-med level swing arc/plane and then establishing a good slow oil-rig pendulum motion.  Learning how to crack-the-whip or – for me – maybe the better analog is how to hit that topspin winner down the line, Jimmy Conners style – stuff like that.  Plus I need to start byilding out the vision for the mobile digital installation for city-wide training expositions.

5) Besides – my right arm/shoulder needs therapy according to the Medic – but that’s not stoppin me no way!


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