Decision Making StarDate 01/24 0618ampst

So there is one thing that is true about golf (and life and jobs) – if you have a decent enough physique (and i do) continuous practice over time and continuous learning results in improvement and often significant improvement.  So I need to find my right “bio-rythm” for having continuous practice during all seasons of the year even when i can not play on a course.


Plus I need to set some clear goals and a clear plan for the year, the coming quarters and my week by weeks.  Perhaps i should institute a status report.  bi-weekly things I want to accomplish.  For this quarter since its still cold and the sun is still begging to stay out longer, I need to focus on backyard, frontyard and indoor stuff like reading.  So I think what my goals are for the next 2 are:

1) Write down a plan for Feb, Mar, Apr. to get yourself ready for on course training (including running, reading, and around the house drills)

2) Focus on a few fundamentals:  the grip to start.  even though you know what to do i don’t think you’re implementing it right.  in fact the other day i realized i really shouldn’t use my pinky at all to hold the club with my left hand.  at lest it feels better when the pinky just sits up on the shaft.  And i need to keep practicing muscle memory for the pincer claw grip between the thumb and forefinger.  Apparently how you hold the club really impact how it swings as you bend your arms according to that scientific video.

3) Do certain things on certain days of the week – Monday/Tuesday – reading and note taking and blogging draft, Tues – putting, Wed – bump and run on the front lawn, Thursday – chipping on the back yard, Friday – other mental exercises

4) Read more

Laslty, I need an annual goal like establishing a true handicapp and playing in a local club tournament.  I think it’ll take a couple years to where i could compete regionally and i’d be OK with that.  Maybe I’d start to peak when those stupid stock options actually begin to kick in and that’s when I’ll get some pro clubs and really dial it up.  But for now i need to have reasonable doable marching goals.

And lastly – my real big goal for the next 2 weeks is to pick 3-6 clubs that I would pick up used that are the Ping Black Dots i was fitted for.  My $200 won’t get me a full set of clubs but I heard of the concept of 5 club tournaments where you can only play with five clubs and i think that interesting because you should be able to adjust a few clubs to get all the desired trajectories you want.  I need to price and buy my clubs.  Let’s say with a deadline of March 1 but preferrably sooner.  I’m thinking I have a PW I like (Taylor Made), so I need at least a 9-iron, 7-iron, 3-wood, a couple more PWs – maybe a Gap wedge, maybe a sand wedge, and another putter maybe.  i need to scour Golfsmith, craiglist and eBay and maybe amazon and stuff. 

End entry


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