Short Game Practice – The Chip Shot: StarDate Jan26 Week Schedule

So after having a decision week that included stretching out my timeline to years instead of months and getting to a realization that i need a very structured gameplan to practice during the off season even as I work this pushing-rope gig of a high-tech marketer (uuuugh).

So February is the month of finding innovative ways to practice short-game technique without going to the course – and just using stuff I have around the house and the yard.  I have a little chip net and and 1 x 2 practice mat so I set out to watch a few videos which I’ll post later to see what I could learn and practice at home.

My schedule for the week will be:

Monday: Watch or read at least 5 videos or articles on chipping and how to practice and write out a simple routine you want to practice

Tuesday: 100 practice strokes to a landing point

Wed:  Off

Thursday:  repeat Tues

Friday:  Putt and Chip

Saturday: Putt on Practice green

Sunday:  Off – come up with ne routine – go running.


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