Eureka! Even More Secrets to the Chip Shot – Stare In Front of The Ball

It looks so deceptively easy but it’s not.  No lower body movement – only shoulder turn away and forward matters and you need to delay (by waiting for the club head to start the downswing) which seems counter-muscle and you gotta keep that bloody shaft forward – almost like you do when putting (i always keep tapping it forward just before the take away until it feels like i’m gonna bunt with my left hand sorta). … so many things.  Some coaches say to turn your stance open towards the target while others say just slide the left foot back a smidge and make sure your right big toe is pointing to the ball. and then flare to allow for the club to swing thru.

No matter what, everyone says to try and have your weight shifted forward and to have equal swing back and front and to open up your shoulders as you swing thru – no wrist or elbow stuff – keep that triable in front of you.  But some have said that the hard emphasis on 2/3rds weight forward isnt necessary – hmmph!

Then come to find out – you should think about coming into the ball – at least for me it helps for me to almost feel like i’m over it and to remember i’m still trying to do a little barreling.  but i think i’m a little unusual that way as i am in putting.  i don’t like the arc thiing and prefer as much of a straight line back and forward so maybe that’s why I like this same thing for a chip/pitch.

But some nuance Keys

the  11/1 o’clock ratio of body open to target-to- club face open right of target is true.  And very very importnat. It seems to help the club use more natural bounce and avoid they chopping into the turf. Like for me it feels like the ball naturally scoots up the club face and does the spooning almost like a wave spoons a surfer – like a wall or almost like a great backspin drop shot in tennis when coming into the net.  It’s quite delicate and sweet when that happens – the ball just begins to fly nicely.

Then I remembered Wally from the DMV – where you look – WHERE YOU FOCUS YOUR EYES ON THE BALL – matters!!!  I’ve been so busy staring at the very back of the ball (MAYBE BECAUSE i’VE BEEN PRACTICING PUTTING ALL WINTER) that – no matter what – i had to concentrate hard to keep my left arm straight in order to avoid an early chop into the practice mat. 

then today I decided on a fluke while practicing now with a Tom Watson 55 degree SW (i picked it up at the salvation army also on a fluke one day – it just looked so nice and shiney and i liked the weight – it felt substantial) instead of my Taylor Made 360 PW (big difference for the 15 – 20 yard shots i was practicing) to stare at the FRONT OF THE BALL.  or a little ahead of it.  because everyone says it’s important to catch and clip the ball before hitting the turf and Wally said that’s a good tip.

It worked.  EUREKA.  I hit 5 out of 7 shots within 15-25 yards (nothing in the street – whew! – i was risking it being in the front yard but i like it better out there and sometimes people walking by add some pressure or the occasional applause or friendly hacker heckle like).  not too shabby.  it felt great and i keep my head string at the ball until my club passed me.

Hugging down on the shaft also helpedd alot.  I mean alot.  I know i have strorg legs – that’s an asset and I find when i choke all the way up to where metal meets grip, i’m pretty good there.  I feel solid.

So the O’clock, choking down, and looking in front of the BALL – that one is key.  really key to me. and string at the ball even as the swing finishes.  i’m sure everyone says this but the hitting in front – that doesn’t show up so often.

happy wednesday to me.  now of to a blimey business dinner.  blah blah blah blu blu blu


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