Feb 05 2014: The Pitch Chip Plot Thickens, Part I

There is no right method it seems to pitching and chipping.  No exact right method other than that the eshoulders need to turn and work as one and that you want to stand open (some say mildy open others say wide open) to the target line.  My latest foray into viewing golf instruction tv shows helped complcate my study of the this aspect of the short game.  According to Paul Azinger, issue one, you don’t want to rely on just using the chip shot (kinda bump and run) lean the shaft forward game.  This is a weekend golfer’s world.  The pros learn how to use variants of the pitch shot way more in order to really dial up their game

Paul Azinger, in another one of those TV shows, did reveal some new thing to me however – like that the angle of address is very important and that many pros turn as much as sixty degrees or something like that away from the target line. And that finding the ‘low point’ of your club is key. And that there are two ways to do that – opening up the club face by twisting it right (for right handers) or leaning the club shaft back – which actually means leaning back on your right leg which is entirely contrary to the lean forward theory. The other key is the twist away and towards the target with the shoulders and feeling OK with taking a big swing. He also talked about the benefits of hitting from the tall grass because you can sweep underneath the ball.

I like hitting around in the tall grass. I used to do that sometimes in a public park or an abandoned office complex while working a contract gig or something. I’ve played some pretty pristine abandoned lots – luckily never getting in trouble. Sometimes I bring whiffle balls to a local baseball lot during a quiet morning and practice chipping big wide chip shots toward the batter’s plate. If there’s a good fence around it and no one’s around I’ll use real golf balls. Trying to aim and drop it and or roll it near the plate is good practice. I think.

I need a strategy. A long term strategy. I think in 2-3 years or so I could get to the point where I could compete for prize money and eventually make the same or more than I’m making now as a high tech lug nut. That’s the direction of thought anyway – and it’s not too outlandish – find a way to make a good living (while improving my health and self and sanity and happiness and all that stuff) by being a golfer. And maybe do some writing along the way a la SVGolfer. Ya’ know build a little community. Do a little publishing. Something for all us wannabee pros that’s between the Golf Channel and hackers-R-Us. And maybe it’s more than just wishful thinking. I used to run high school track – I’ve got good leg strength still and stamina. As you get older, that’s gotta count for something if you want to play seriously. And I have no physical impediments. That’s gotta be a plus right? I don’t know. What the bleep am I thinking? It’s fool’s gold perhaps?

Speaking of work. Part of the strategy needs to include what to do about that. Get a double income. Get a side gig. Find innovative ways to finance my golf interest – I don’t know.

But I need a strategy.

End Part I.Started Feb 05 ended Feb 08.


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