Pitch Chip Plot – Part II & Making Life’s Decisions

Part Deux……

 Here’s my thinking and it’s been re-enforced over the weekend.  Playing good golf takes a lot a lot of practice and most people give up.  I give up every week and I’m obsessed with the game but it’s so demanding and time consuming and expensive – the physical aspects are half the battle.  I noticed the over 50 crowd isn’t as fit as the PGA Tour crowd and sometimes – I have to imagine the over  100 top Champions Tour players or globally ranked players are within reach from an amateur perspective – assuming that amateur was middle-aged and willing and ready and able to dedicate the time and money to the sport.  And untrained amateurs have made it to varying levels in the professional realm of the sport.  That’s the beauty of golf.  It is accessible to just about anyone who persists – even those without ideal physique balance or rhythm even though these things help.  There are as many different paths to finding the perfect golf swing as there are players or snowflakes.  Much like the paths to Buddha – eh?

 I would wager that there are a ton of teenager wannabee golfers and a ton of retired wannabee golfers but not as many 40-something wannabee golfers who are actually taking the time to re-balance their work life to pursue this goal.  I think I have a competitive advantage along with my technical Silicon Valley entrepreneurial i-can-do-anything bent to start from an amateur standing and climb as far as I can and be competitive in some way that quenches.  I think the middle-aged market is ripe, not too crowded, poised for growth – after all we are the post baby boomers and we are the wallets for the next couple decades – and that the growth of tournaments and laymen interest in golf (especially as the current pga roster gets older) will present more tournaments and visibility to bring out players like me.  Golf has got to become democratized.  We need more Bubbas and average Joes in the game and I might be in the right place at the right time and make a go of it.  All I want is to play professionally somewhere in the world before I leave this earth.  Anywhere – and I’m cool if its Asia – that’s the growth spot.  As is Latin America.

 But I digress.

 So here’s what I wrote down in my scratch book the other day.

 I think in 2-3 years – strategy wise – I could get to the point where I could compete for money.  Thoughts are things – right?  And I could eventually make the same or more than I’m making as a manager working for a high-tech blah blah as-a-service change-the-world company.  That’s the thinking anyway.  My Dad always said – thoughts are things so put your mind to it, say it, think it, think more about it – it becomes real magically.

 Find a way to make a good living consistently as a golfer.  And maybe do some writing along the way with – this thing – the SVGOlfer.  Build a community.  Start a little something.

 But now I know I need to find my own way on this chipping and pitching thing.  I need to keep practicing on and off course.  Keeping that shaft forward – keep it forward, delay the pendulum swing.

 I can actually do a flop shot fairly well when I have to keep the face totally open and chop underneath the ball.  The ball often feels like it rolls up the goose neck of the spoon-bend of the club face.  The sensation for me when I make a great swing and follow through is as if I was approaching the net with a running drop shot playing tennis – almost like a cross court drop shot but going the opposite direction – like dropping it right while moving left.  Or an open faced foot shot to a player down field to your right.  That kind of feeling.  Really wide and sweeping and low swooshing kind of thing.

 Just a few more words…


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