Pitch Chip Plot – really? there’s more?

When I think about it – I would rather hit a pitch or a chip shot from tall grass or first cut grass.  And maybe I should think about that as an influencer to my course management – whenever I get to that part of understanding my game (maybe that’s something for next winter’s study season – course management – sounds like a thriller.  Reminds me of paying paper-golf with my buddy on a school desk with a sharp pencil – ha!).  I think this would influence the type of tournaments and geographies and climates I choose to play in.

 Pursuing that thread for a moment – I think I’d prefer moister, softer cloudier climates with courses that don’t reward the tee shot but rather reward shots that are from 150 yards in and the putting green.  Like I have a choice right?  But still – if I did have my druthers.  And that could mean I look into Canadian tours or something – right – gotta keep thinking – keeping the mind open to ideas…

 From a game proficiency perspective, I think I have a good chance (and I still think it’s a competitive advantage that only grows as you get older) of becoming an exceptional putter and 50-80 yard pitch shot-er and perhaps a creative short game player.  I think it has something to do with getting to that kismet balance with that blimey seductive gooseneck (or as I sometimes think about it – the pit of the palm of your hand before the stripe of the fingers of the club/palm face).  When it’s right, it’s that sweet flow action much like the basketball sweeping off the palm preparing to loop in for a swish.

 I think I’m beginning to appreciate that cheesy basketball hoop arcade thingy at work.  It helps me develop my staged arm-muscular flow in terms of shoulder to elbow to wrist action control – which I think translates into the whipping or skipping a rock motion required with the elbow and wrist to swing through the golf ball.

 More later.  I purchased two used separate clubs since I couldn’t find a full set of irons cheap enough.  Two Ping (G2 and G10) mid-irons black dot graphite regular flex.  Took me forever to make the decision.  I’m gonna shop around on eBay some more or some of the other better golf outlets like DWQuail or TGW.  And I found this place called Innovagolf (I think) that had indoor practice putting greens (big Moss) that are huge like I’ve never seen before.  A little pricey but maybe I can start positioning now for a Christmas present. 

 This week is about dusting of the cobwebs and playing my first warm up 9 or 18 holes.  Maybe Cinnabar maybe SJ Muni maybe MView – I don’t know.  Lots to plan and figure out.  Taking some PTO time – finally. 


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