So Much To Think About – Golf is Like Getting Groceries

Golf is like getting married and finding out that you have to remember everything your spouse tells you while you weren’t listening and now you find yourself at the store going “really – what the heck was i suppose to remember and what type of aspirin an i supposed to get anyway – there are so many to choose from?”.

Case in point – buying clubs.  I’m only buying a few clubs now because I only have $200 to spend and even a used set of the one’s that should work for me is too much.

After scouring online I decided to prepare for a limited club game.  Meaning – can I play a course with just a few good clubs – a 3-wood a 5-iron a 7 and maybe a 9 and a PW and putter.  This way I could cherry pick some good but used clubs.  Turned out to be harder and more complicated than expected because there is so much to think about when buying clubs I loose track of all the details.  First – what is my size (hand/grip shaft length) etc.? what material do I want for the shaft and what kind of stiffness or flexibility and of course left or right hand and a few other things? – not to mention its’ hard to keep track of the product lines – it’s not like buying a used car where you can look up makes and models by year.

Because the guy at Golfsmith who fitted me recommended them, I found out I should get Ping’s black dot or something like them.  I found out that black dot means I prefer a club with a neutral lie – meaning the sole/edge lays regular on the grass instead of at a slight angle up or down i guess.  yellow, blue etc are not neutral but have lies of 1-2 degrees.

Don’t ask me about back-weighting although I’ve read alot of old pros loved back weighting their clubs.

I know I need graphite shafts because i have a slow swing that accelerates late.  I’m not a young whipper snapper anymore. I think it should help me from chunking the ground.

So I ended up getting a 4iron hybrid graphite from Adamas Golf – the oS series –  and two Ping’s (G2 and G10 family – several editions old – but they shouuld still be good and I don’t mind that big looking soles/bounce) a 5 and 6 iron.  I’m looking for a 9 and maybe a SW and/or another putter but I love my RAM that I picked up a Goodwill.

But who knew there was so much to the art of making the club?  I wonder what the history is there.  Maybe I should look it up.


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