Am I an Idg-yit?!! When brains were being passed out, I must’ve been alseep…

Stardate- Feb 12 140pm.  I gotta be an idiot to think I could actually ever play professional golf anywhere anytime anywho on any planet.

I just spent 3 hours chipping and putting, chipping and putting with about 30% success in getting down in 2 from the rough., All morning long. At this very nice facility in santa clara.

But it wasn’t pretty.  And it was frsutrating.  And I had some great shots but more clumsy ones.

Everything’d I’d practiced and thought of mentally came and went and disappeared and then re-appeared.  I had a few sweet touch shots that just backspun nicely and plopped like pro-style but otherwise – I’m an idiot.

The reason middle-aged lunk heads don’t become pro golfers even on the Iraqi Tour of the bottom 500 is because it takes a whole bunch of time on course and then more time on course.

The good news is she talked about doing stretch exercises this morning as part of a wake-up routine. I’ve gotta build a stronger body as part of my regular game plan – it can’t just be on green stuff.   I think I need to change my strategy to one where I compete in 2015 as an amateur with the goal of taking it up to like a Hooters Tour or a regional thingy in 2016.  And then another notch by 2017.  A 3 year plan.  yes – something that let’s me gradually get to 60 mph.  I need a whole year to get to a point where I can play 18 holes with some sense of normalcy.  Which means I need to really get a disciplined schedule.  Yikes – discipline – my arch nemesis!!

Good news is – I could have played all day – I was having fun – the 3 hours flew by – I didn’t want to leave even though I was getting punchy and fatigued.  Note to self – eat a good bowl of oatmeal before practicing and always stretch.

I noticed a PGATour DVD instruction kit somewhere online – maybe I should look into that.  I mean, I could spend a hundred buck for some DVD’s and a training gameplan or else start thinking about getting a real instructor. Hmmm.  But still….

What am I thinking?  I should have picked a better obsession.  But the last one I had – producing garage bands – took me 20 years to let go of so I guess this one fits for a second edition.  But really -I’m pathetic and out of shape and my concentration just goes.

I don’t know what I’m thinking.

On the plus side – I found a sweet deal on a Nike 3hybrid that was originally over a hundred bucks and I got it for a quarter on the dollar at the ole Golfsmith.  Stopped there on the way home.  It’s a stiff flex but it felt so good in my hands I couldn’t resist.  Only 2 of them were left.  The pricier graphite shaft felt almost too flexible so I was happy with the stiff flex.

I still have to go out and play some more.  Take advantage of these few days off.

Back to the drawing board.  I really need like a detailed playbook gameplan and routine and the whole magilla.  Oye!


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