The Two Circles of a Golf Swing – Hello Mr Double Pendulum

The Two Circles of a Golf Swing – Hello Mr Double Pendulum

I don’t know but if I really want to get my physical body to learn how to do something it follows suit when it understand what its doing mentally – and i have a visual of what I’m trying to accomplish, i can’t just do these motions like keep my left arm straight or move my hips or feel like I’m sitting without understanding conceptually what I’m trying to do.  People toss around imagery like a line of skaters holding hands and whipping around in a circle or a baseball throw or cracking a whip and they even have that bean bag practice tool to practice chopping wood.  One day i was beating a rug with a fire iron pocker and I imagined the sensation i felt of lagging the gold club shaft before whacking the rug was similar to the wrist cock that creates lag when swinging at a golf ball.

With understanding comes clearer decision making and a better ability to imrpove while practicing – .   

I stumbled across this which is a pretty good read.

I need to further explore the double pendulum swing.  It’s the key to getting to a good repeatable gofl swing and it helps me understand why i caste outside the line.

But knowing that my shoulders – which are attached to my big muscles, must go first (initiated by a shift in my lower body to the left to clear room for the swing) followed by my arms elbows and hands which follow an inner circle that represent 1 of 2 planes (that are not parallel) and this one goes more vertical (up/down or really from giht shoulder to left foot is what it looks like to me) and the other is really horizontal (hah! makes me think of marketing to verticals and horizontals – hah! the joys of hi-tech marketing).  This is useful stuff.

Like the body goes side-side belt buckle points away then belt buckle points towards the target but the elbows take the club head more up/down.  Driven by centrifical forces.  With the key being keep the inner circle spinning first and keep each circle on its own plane.

So the sequence is suppose to be that one pendulum – the one created by the wrists holding the club head needs to happen after another pendulum the shoulders – in sequence.  The wrists follow the shoulders otherwise the skater at the far end of the line would end up skating in front of the skater in the center of the line which causes problems.  This is a pretty good link that triggered this thinking.  It’s helps me visualize


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