Star date Feb 22 0803 am – Secrets of the Hands

Neck still hurts but getting better.  So it’s a total reading and home putting plan for the next week easy still.  Still figuring out the chipping thing.  But, against doctor’s orders, I practiced on the rug on the back patio the other day and bringing the ball in closer and really looking to aim to bottom out closer to the normal ball position aligned with the left foot heel – if I just stare at that regular spot instead of the ball or behind the ball or even just in fron of the ball – I hit it more consistently – ball first, turf next.

So I wonder if I’m one of those players who prefers to move the ball or keep the ball in one spot regardless of swing type.

Survey says that many things in golf aren’t caste in stone except for perhaps the key fundamentals – grip, posture etc. and there even then there are some wiggle spots.

So I’m gonna read the Ben Hogan bible.  It’s a very simple read.  Good sketches.  Makes sense.

Who knew the grip is so easy to do incorrectly but also that a good grip dictate the type of swing you’ll have.  And who knew that my fore finger is a culprit not a friend in this instance and I need to strip it of it’s directive powers – thumb and forfinger great for writing – bad for golf swinging.  who knew?


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