Stardate Mar 04 1554pm

So routine does make a difference and little progress is progress.

My neck is still pinched so I still have been unable to play a single round of golf with the new Ping clubs I purchased.  Remember, I didn’t have enough for a full ‘this year’s’ set or last year’s so i decided to buy the 4 must-have clubs of whatever version or year so long as they were regular size, right handed, regular graphite flex shaft and in good shape and less than $40 including shipping.  I got most of all of them from ebay except for one Nike club which was on super sale at GolfSmith.  I never thought of buying the Nike brand but – they were only the model before last (a 3 wood) and theyused to cost $159 instead of $20.  I said – thank you.

So – where have I made progress.  1) Still reading Ben Hogan’s book.  the details matter.  I practiced my hand grip 3 days in a row but laxed yesterday.  It makes a big difference.  2) I’m getting more confident with my chip.  I’ve found a few little personal secrets – one of them being that i need to keep my right elbow tight to my right hip.  As i twist like a barrel I need to stop where the elbow meet the hip bone and let any hitching happen at the right wrist from there but the elbow keeps my right arm in-line with my inner-circle path which I’ve deemed to mean that my hands and wrists need to travel along a path line that is made be the line that travels from my longest left toe (middle toe) to my longest right toe. 3) stare at a point at least 2 golf ball width ahead of the actual ball and keep that left arm straight.

Sidenote – why does praying while looking down at the pew in front of me remind my of the three important set-up lines when getting ready to swing – my inner circle (hand line) represented by the kneeler, my outer cirlce (club head line) represented by the out edge of the seat in front of me, my target line (the head rest of the pew in front), etc….. it really does?


Keeping it in Perspective

This weekend I’m committed to getting out and putting again.  It may be a few more weeks before my neck and arm are good enough for a round.


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