Ben Hogan Is Smart

Reading his book underscores how the golf swing really treat the human body as a pendulum with a couple of hinges attached to a club that moves in reaction to a twist of the core fulcrum (?) with the center balance pole being the left leg, the left arm a shaft and the elbows and wrist represent not one but two sets of hinges.  That video I posted a while back by that scientist guy on TED makes even more sense now,  How to get the human body to behave like a two-fold oil-rig thingy.

Well – turns out that means the whole unit needs to act as one.  This coincides with some preaching I heard from Hall Sutton talking about the need to treat his whole body and arms and shoulders as one as he turned on the backswing and letting the club head follow (so as not to get his inner circle and outer circle crossed over), it also coincides with the general chatter you read everywhere about the need to keep this triangle as a unit and in front of you at all times durng the swing – and now it resonates here.

Ben’s recommendations to keep the arms and elbows in a position during the set up that makes them very exactly pressed into the shape of an exact isosceles triangle –  almost (upside down) – by requiring firm presses between the chest and upper arm and a good straightening of the arms…stuff like that is making sense.

I’m still doing my grip exercises.  It doesn’t feel so weird anymore now trying to grip the clup like I have crab claws or oven mitts on or something.  But I see now how the hands have to overlap and interlock to – again – act as one.  Hmmm – I see a theme here, getting a series of things to act as one.

Sometimes the flow of movement reminds me og a milky way galaxy pictorial, ya’ know, ith a center and then these oval sphereical lines spinning and stretching around it.  Hard to explain but that ties into the whole line of ice-skaters spinning around and ice-rink.  the center barely moves while the edge skaters whixxes around at 100 mph.  Just like a solar system.  Just like a golf swing.  Just like a day in the life.  Just like good music and great wine.  Just like living a life.


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