Patrick Reed Was Ranked #586 on the PGA Tour in 2012 but at WGC today….

svgJan2104 002…..he’s trying to close out a victory over guys like Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods.  The commentator said something poignant that struck me like – “We all start off playing as dreamers (so true – that’s where I am), then we become pretenders, then we become contenders and then we [can move on to aspire to] become closers.

Number 586?  Like what’s that?  I didn’t even know they ranked players that deep. What did he make – $3 for the year?  What a story and what a change in fortune – it couuld happen.  I mean, even if the journey is just for a regional amateur tournament or a specialty tournament or a or Arizona or Canadian Tour or even the Puerto Rico Open like thing.

One of my advantages is I won’t be a young pup dealing with a new family like on of those Puerto Rico Tour players I was watching this mroning.  No changing diapers for me.  And I live in a state that gets over 300 days of great sunshine all year so I can practice more than most golfers in most states on some of the best courses around.

I can dream can’t I?  That’s where it all starts.  So dream on I will…


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