The Chip Shot Saga Continues

So it’s true, the more you practice something the more it marinates in you and your muscle memory and the more you get comfortable and feel like you actually know something you didn’t before and you can intuit somethings you didn’t before.  almost as if the gamer techie adage that if you try at something 10,000 times eventually you hit pay dirt.

After about a month of regular chip practice in my back yard (aiming at a propped up pillow some 10 yards away in my screened in porch area, I know now there are 2 ways to hit a chip-type shot.  One is to somewhat projectile the ball low, hitting it, still crisp and behind but it’ll feel like a fast bump and run and the other – my favorite – is to set it high and parabola like.

 For either you want the ball placed in front of your right big toe/middle toe and you do want that left foot a good 2 inches or so back and flared out to the left (how much you flare is up to what makes you feel like you can turn thru the ball – whatever works for you), but the keys here are to

  • 1) if you could draw a line across your two 2nd toes, try and have the open-face leading edge of the club parallel to it – so if you really flare your feet you really want to open the club face and if not only open it a bit
  • 2) look two golf-ball widths or so in front of the ball – you still want to swing and aim as if the ball were placed in it’s normal position lined up with the heel/knuckle of the left foot and
  • 3) keep that right elbow hugging/skirting around the right hip bone – don’t let it leave your body if you can help it.
  • Lastly,  do the 1 and 2 count.  Really keep it slow.  Breathe.  In fact I try to follow my breathing to help keep a steady rhythm. Wait to bring that club down.  that’s the hardest part for me.  This is all about patience being a virtue.

That’s all I got.  At least that’s what works for me.  And if there is something else I’m learning it’s that there are some fundamentals that just can’t be tampered with – much like great fundamentals for good music or good food – but there’s plenty of room of improvisation once you’ve got these down and what works for the burly guy down the street might not work for the slim bloke down the way.

I’ve found I can now hit in a specific spot area about 25-yards away fairly consistently, hitting the right target spot at least 5 times out of 20 and rarely hitting shanks or knuckle balls.  Still some days I’m embarrassed I even picked up the club.  All the time consistency I guess is the real challenge.


Life is what happens in between chip shots

Still reading the Ben Hogan book.


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