Golf Swing Muscle Training – Golfloopy

Golf Swing Muscle Training – Golfloopy

If it’s all about muscle memory, it’s important to really understand what the heck goes on with all these muscles and what’s best to do to prepare.

When I look at the disparity between physical form readiness for some golfers I wonder if going to the gym is really all that important -especially as you approach the over-50 set.  Being ripped like an Adam Scott doesn’t seem paramount but, again, knowing which muscles trigger and when and why is important – at least I think so.

At least that’s what keeps coming up as I flip thru Hogan’s book.  I mean, my grip now is forcing me to activate muscles along the outside of my arm.  And I see what he means by getting the RIGHT muscles to engage at the right times.  That was not happening before.  Especially when i force myself to turn the pits of my elbow towards the sky.  Plus, as i read more it make sense that I need to keep my shoulders (and elbows when posssible) closer to my body so I can transfer energy and speed from my core to the club head.  Having a loose should and elbow connection now clearly does not make good sense.

I was Binging around and this article seemed not only good but the author didn’t make you have to pay to download or anything – seems worthwhile.  I need to incorporate into my daily training some of these.



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