Springing Back to the Future – I Can Dream Can’t I? v2.8

It is the first day of spring and I stand affirmed of at least one assumption that I’ve carried with me since I started this journey.

If golf is part talent and part non-talent, then a large portion of what i need to learn I can learn thru practice much like how a student learns to play the violin.  Sufficient practice lets you know intuitively (eventually) when you hit the note in tune and on beat and in sequence to the melody at hand.  If I have the talent – which I think I have a sufficient amount of – then my primary task (and Hogan’s book supports this), at this late stage of life, is to understand the principles and mechanics behind the three key aspects of the game of golf – the short mid and long game – so as to bring myself closer to a scratch player status in a good way.  These are things anyone with application and dedication and a willingness to fight thru failure (very  similar traits as those found in silicon valley upstarts entrepreneurs and mavericks – and I have some of that in my DNA as well…..) The net of my assumption?  I can get better at golf and even really good – if I put in the time and effort – only that! and it’ll push me in the right direction.”


Today – I feel affirmed.

I overcame my apprehension to check out the Santa Clara golf club again (for a silly reason) and went in and paid for a bucket of balls and found that I, indeed, can hit a pitch shot full swing to land within 5 ft or so of my desired target left-middle-right within 20-45 yards.

Consistently and with intent and deliberation.

I even got to a point where I was stepping like a cat pawing the ground just before swinging and feeling confident.

This was a good day.  When I faltered, I checked the key principles I’d had in place.  My right elbow, the leading edge parallel, etc.  And I shanked quite a few at first.  I was nervous.  People around ya know.  Never fails.

Just like the basketball hoops downstairs.

But then I dialed back in my eyes in front of the ball and I focused on tempo and i stared down and kept still (i was tryign to hard) – and it worked.

I feel significantly better and more confident in my abilities to place a ball in a spot within 20-40 yard range in either a punch or flop shot style.



I am happy today.


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