It is All About the Triangle – Think About It – Golf Is Geometry and Good Intentions (Thought)


Hogan’s triangle from his book – Five Fundamentals of Golf

I’ve made the observation that the advice you get from many pros – like Hal Sutton, who I’m watching now on the GCA – is about keeping the triangle in front of you during the swing.  I never understood the triangle really until I started reading Hogan’s book.  the way you have to keep those elbow pits facing skyward and the way you want to keep the elbows close to the body – is all about the triangle.  

But to get a better feel for it – I started looking at other sports and found the triangle there as well.  When I see this, I know I’m on my way to stumbling upon a universal truth that is important.  So #1, when I practice on the stupid arcade basketball hoop downstairs at work in the lunch room, I am way more consistent when I keep my elbows tuck in even with my non-shooting left arm, because the triangle is there and forces me to release the ball in the right direction and in a fluid way (if I don’t get in my own way).  Same with bikers – when they are peddling, they do much better when their knees are tucked in close to the bike frame – not flared out.  And a football quarterback often keep his non-throwing arm tucked in close.  There’s something here.

Also – all i Know is – this weekend when i practiced in the back yard – i started to feel that “let your arms follow the body” thing Hogan was talking about and I swung thru my wiffle balls with way more confidence and predictability.  Dare I say, I saw some ball flights that smacked of shaping the flight or trajectory.  It was exhilirating.  I was getting that feeling back.

And I can’t run away from my work world.  I must it embrace it even as I affirm my decision to leave it.  Very soon.

Truth:  “The universe only moves When you move.”  He didn’t say it exactly like that but Goethe did say something very similar.  And it’s as true as a well constructed golf swing.  And just as hard to come by and hold onto – I suppose.


Decisions – good or bad things? – you decide.

Something’s happening.  Still practicing my grip, posture and stuff and doing my daily push up (15).  They also help with keeping my arms tucked in tight.



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