More Decisions – But They’re Easy

When you make up your mind.

Making up your mind deliberately (not out of fear or envy or anger or disappointment but free and clear and with affirmation and good intent and positive emotion) – these are the best ideas and the best decisions.

I’ve had many a job – and dare I say – many a career – in music in digital living in high tech… it’s the blight and plight of being born in this neo-industrial service oriented economy – lots of shifting sands – and I’ve made many a decision about these things and so I feel comfortable making big life altering decisions at this stage of the game.  AND I’ve never been more clear and determined and resolute and SURE about this and the ensuing decisions that will take place over this coming year.

It’s been a long time coming – but change is gonna come. (greAt tune)

Decision #1/2 – Join a golf club so you can begin playing for real.

Strategy – Reaffirm:  2014 is all about practice makes perfect – reading playing understanding getting muscle memory. 2015 is when we begin to compete – at the amateur level – for fun.  Remember this is really all about living a long life and being around for your grandchildren – that’s the real prize.  If you get far and ever become a Champions player or just a club player or just a fun-time hacker – so be it – but you will keep improving and you will find your way to a good career (on or off the golf course) in the field of golf.

I can dream can’t I?  They need marketers for golf stuff right?  And the industry could use an injection of a Silicon Valley marketing type like me – right?  There’s a path here to discover if I just start walking and just keep trusting.  This is my Lenten song – trust in the path I’ve chosen.

So decision 1 – join a club and I found 3:  Santa Clara Golf & Tennis, Mountain View (shoreline – i love their putting area) and San Jose Muni.  I think I’m gonna go with SJ Muni.  I know I’m gonna go with SJMuni – if just for practicality’s-sake. In fact it’s a no brainer with some of their free twilight playing.

I already got my budget approval kitchen pass from the boss so I’m gonna strike.  This week – joining a club – checking the box.

Plus I have a round with friends coming up with work buddies – Vamanos – Muchachos!!!

So this will lock in my continued practicing regimen with my other Hogan Routines (grip, posture, stance, back/foward), chipping work and at least 2 days on the course a week and my daily push-ups.  Then I just need to keep reading and studying the rules and selecting the exact tournaments I want to play next year and build a budget etc.  Remember – exactness (right cup lip, near the branch, left-center cup) and preciseness of thought matters.  So a well thought out 2015 amateur tournament schedule begins this year.  Keep in mind – I prefer playing in wetter damper conditions than hard fast dry ones.  This is exciting.


get busy dying


which way?


get busy livin


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