Why Golf? Because I’m Done!! Course is Set. Engage!

Prediction.  12 months from now I will no longer work in corporate cube farmdom.  I’m done.  The best things in life take time to pursue.  I better get busy doing what I want to do because this old body ain’t getting any younger.  And this day-to-day life (as I sit on the dullest sales and marketing meeting under the customer pipeline and the many product failures going on – oooof! serenity now!! – who the heck ever sat and dreamed in 7th grade to have a treadmill of existence that goes on like this for 1 week off a year?  who?  you know in Japan I heard people just die at work regularly from overwork.  dare i say, it’s not so much about overwork but about automoton work.  We’ve become extensions of computers not the other way around. – this bites…. this is not my beautiful house or job or vision or anything – and I’m supposed to compete for this?! – it’s really just malaise and ennui day by day)  I am so out of here.  




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