StarDate: Friday Mar28 0256:00PM PST


I have my review today.  I’ve never even received my 6-months review!  My job role changed at least 3 times since my hire date.  And my job description is non-existent.  Literally – in the offer letter where it says what I’m hired to do it just says “whatever is necessary at hand” or something like that.  Management is non-existent.  The HP days will be reckoned as the golden era days of the way innovation really happened in the valley.  I am afriad true innovators – a group to which I belong – are a dying un-necessary breed in the space that’s become so Wall Street numbers driven.  If i hear ROI and metrics one more time!  The best things in life are not measured in ROI or quarters.  The best things (and the most colassol successes come from seemingly quizzical ideas).  This is why I must leave.  Get busy living or get busy dying.  I am not going to feel proud our inspired or passionate about sending out not even 1 more lead nurturing blasted email with consumate landing page and pithy call-to-action.

Where’s my 3D virtual world chat room?!!  Why hasn’t that taken off yet.

But of course I need to create write evaluate and make recommendations on my own performance.  Boo Hoo Bah Humbug.

Give me a delicate chip shot off a bed of nails – why don’t ya’.

Managing up has transformed into managing your job like it’s your own business.  And you better bring that passion BABY!!  Oye!!

Which is why I reached the decision point to re-start my own business and go full monty in golf.  I came to that conclusion once before shortly after college during my “quarter life-crisis” (thank you John Mayer for that great catch phrase from your first popular hit from still – i think – the best album you ever released – everything else is a little sultry sexy cool – still good but…..) when I started my first business in music production.  That’s what brought me out west to begin with.  Long time ago,  Hmmph.

Looks like it’s time to dust off a chapter from that book again.  And the universe seems to be aligning just right for me.

I am incautiously optimistic.  Especially now that she’s back to work.

So – I can’t pause to think about Golf right now – although I can’t wait to get back and see if I can hit well 2 days in a row and if my new found knowledge in gripping and swinging is true or a fluke of luck.  I think it’s true.  

Golf helps you come to an understanding.  To see things clearly.  To find the WAY in which things work.  “Open the door / Close the door.”  Swing, follow in the the footsteps of the direction you aimed in and hope you swung correctly.  If not, find innovative ways to get back on the fairway.  I need to get back on the fairway.  I think I’m off the entire course come to think of it.

Go gives you perspective.  You understand that truth works.  Untrue doesn’t. Square to club face works, not-square – not so much.  So my playlist for today which I’ve been jotting down for a couple days is:



  1. Vampire by Greenskeepers (Vampire EP: The Wills & The…)
  2. We are the People by Empire of the Sun (Walking on a Dream)
  3. You Can Blame It on anybody by Phoenix (Alphabetical)
  4. Dragonfly on Bay Street by Ron & Sexsmith (Cobblestone Runway)
  5. Talk Among-st Yourselves by Grand National (Kicking the National Habit)



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