StarDate Mar2814:0904am – Forget FootGolf but Remember the Soccer Kick for Good Chipping

FootGolf?  Really?  I don’t think so.  IMHO.  It’s just not the same and I know the game is looking for a way to become more accessible to a larger mainstream audience – but this is definitely not the way.

BUT.  from a golf training and practice perspective – if you can understand the motion it takes to kick a soccer ball straight curved to the right or rolling bouncing left or even – dare i say it …..wait for it ….   wait for it a chip shot – the corner penalty shot is the equivalent of a nicely lobbed chip or pitch shot – you understand the motion needed for the club head to hit the ball square from the inside out.  That planting of the left foot and the pendulum swing of the right leg with the last minute swivel in the second pendulum – the knees analog with the golf elbow anf the hip with the golf shoulder and the foot is your hand) and notice how the balance is maintained with the left arm, the right arm is TUCKed close and the foot is either very open (for a punch shot or a fade) or you kick hard with the front ball of the foot (kind of like hitting a draw), etc…..

If you can wrap your head around that physical nature of a good soccer kick and the different kicking styles as a soccer player then you can translate that motion into what you are trying to accomplish when the talk about getting your golf club swinging “in the slot.”

I think anyway.

I am drafting an elated wordpress entry about my 1st trial with the new clubs I bought – wow – it must have been over a month ago.  I never actually to them to the practice range because I pinched my neck and my right shoulder was still healing – very slowly I might add.

But – just to let a little bit out of the bag – whoever said selecting the right fitted clubs before you start to practice isn’t important is wrong IMHO (I hate that phrase – in my humble opinion).  I had some nice surprises.  And everything Hogan said – well ….

I’m just saying – a day like yesterday re-affirmed everything I’ve been trying to do during the winter off season.  SO I guess off season work – does work.  Thoughts are things.  Practice does pay off.  I will write more later.

Happy friday.  Got get my status report in though.  And my boss quit yesterday.  Whoa Nelly – gotta love silicon valley work places.  Nothing but high-flying go-go.

More later.


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