GOLF: the short game of life. The Chip Shot Revisited – Notes from Bernhard Langer

Image(from clips of Martin Hall’s show on the”G”Channel – get it? like “one the 1″ – as in James Brown – as in ” “On the “golf channel” ” – as in the channel has some grooviness and is super bad – right? get it? getget? not happenin’ – huh?  i should be working for the Golf Channel not a high-tech software watsamawhuzit))

The CHIP Shot Defined: BL

a chip shot spends the least amount of time in the air and rolls more.  keep the ball low and run it

a pitch shot spends more time in the air and is high and lofty

General Rule – get the ball on the green as quickly as possible because the shorter your swing the less room for error


  • ball back in stance (i prefer to say exactly across from my right big toe but i think that’s a salt/pepper to taste thing)
  • body forward, hands and shaft forward pointing towards upper left thigh
  • short swing
  • let the club do all the work
  • my note: stare at the ball (and maybe a little ahead of it and fight the urge to look up to quickly – feel your arms begin to clear)
  • just move the triangle (that is formed between your arms and the line between your shoulders)
  • your looking at the front side of the ball (i always forget this)

SVGnote: keep fundamentals for elbow-pits up, pincer grip, elbow stays close to hip, and try to keep your hands running either along the line formed from 2nd big toe to 2nd big toe or running inside that line so you’re forced to turn and swing thru on the down swing and you don’t have the clubhead go outside – which usually ends up with a chunk of dirt-turf getting dug up)

Other Interesting Tips:

Experiment around the green.  Use any club – a hybrid, 4, 5, 6, 7 – whatever and try them at different open/closed angles.  They’re great for running the ball up on smooth grass when you’ve got several feet of grass before getting to the green

I didn’t Know That?

  1. The 7 Iron used to be the most lofted club/iron in the bag – back in the day?  who knew?
  2. For bad lies – trap the ball

SVGsidenote: look alikes.  something about BL makes me think of Vitas Gerulaitus the tennis player.  menh!


Bernhard Langer


Vitas the tennis guy

The Future of Driving from Google

Off the golf range driving may belong to Google!  If you want to drive with no hands that is. hah!

This is very intriguing.  Self driving cars – just like in the Jetsons.  The future is here.  Very cool and possibly mainstream in less than 3 years.

So many positives except for the driver who absolutely positively has to get there by beating traffic and running red lights.

Probably for someone from the east coast – hah!

Guess what – search and directions will still be built right in.  Now all we need is video phone calls and a laser beam and a really cool honking horn and I can say “Beam me up Scotty!”




I like this alot

In the future – in today’s non-industrialized countries we will leap frog gas engines and long cable phone lines – what a beautiful world it will be.  complete with water desalination plants.

IGY by Steely Dan comes to mind


What do Ping Drivers and a Ford Mustang Have In Common?


mustang stripes

the marketing guys for both products must have hung out with each other because the painted wide band stripes on the mustang hoods (specialized) and on the Ping drivers look very much the same.  i think so anyway.

Nicely done Ping! On adding the flare of sporty-ness and not-part-of-the-ordinary feel that makes some of your brand spokesmen like Bubba Watson so appealing to us aspiring mature golfers.

If you disagree here are a few more photos


Ping Drivers

am i right? i like it