Some Meandering Thoughts on golf and trains

One of my off course practice techniques.

I work full time. Until I quit and go back to consulting so I can play the amateur tours I have to use my Silicon Valley ingenuity to improve my skills whenever wherever right? Isn’t that what Saas computing is all about heh heh?

So I’m practicing my golf stance and balance by standing hands free … Bumps turns and all. On the light rail VTA home. i love our VTA even if its getting crowded now and the have the new VTA gustapo checking us like we’re in new york or something.

still. Feet shoulder width apart and trying to sway and bend my knees like I’m a pendulum and trying not to fall. I stand perpendicular to the motion of the train. I’ve been doing this for weeks. Don’t know why I’m just mentioning.

With my new wireless Motorola S11s headphones. My legs hurt after the 30 minutes but its a good workout.

It’s like virtual surfing and I definitely get that swing back forward leg and knee stability thing hogan talks about in his book.

It also helps me understand the reference of feeling planted into the ground. Actually I think Adam Scott made that reference in the last Golf Digest.

Listening to XTC Seargent Rock.




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