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It’s been an OK Monday.  Here is my playlist for the day (past few days actually).  Note: my aiming practice for my golf swing which incorporates keeping my elbows in near my sides while I shoot – has shown me that precision comes with accurate stance and body posture – so Kudos to Me! I can get past the 30 point mark on my basketball arcade hoop in the cafeteria and my ability to swish has improved dramatically.

Also, my iron game the other day showed definite improvement.  I’m on par with my daily push up program and I can do my hand grip exercises anywhere.  Now I just have to get out there and hit more.  I’ve decided that, if – as Hogan says, golf takes a good many years before it yields some flavor (much like good wine) and then another decade plus remains for an individual to enjoy the juice of continual improvement no matter what his level – then I might as well take it slow and enjoy.  This year is all about learning. Next year amateur tournaments.  I’m working on another idea as well.

So I think there are many ways to get to golf proficiency aside from going to golf school – especially for someone whose college days are long gone.  I am determined more than ever.

Any way – here’s my list for the day:


life is music is golf in fine wine is weather divine is san jose silicon valley time

Music Playlist:

  1. If I Fall by Naked Music (If I Fall)
  2. Comfort Zone by Moshang (Chill Dynasty)
  3. No More Sand in My Lipblam by Moqita (Om Lounge. Vol.10)
  4. The Caves of Altamira by Steely Dan (Royal Scam)
  5. You Can’t Get What You Want by Joe Jackson (Body & Soul)


  1. So Far by Miguel Migs (Those Things)

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