Why Golf – The Corp Meeting Strikes Again

Because the best things in life are found playing golf or emjoying San Jose but not sitting around hearing how I need to live to support a stockholder’s PE ratio.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just not for me.

OMG – things i can’t stand hearing more of at a company meeting.


really? really.

And if this CEO stabs the air one more time, I’m gonna I don’t know what.

  • Let’s rally it up the flag pole
  • This is the tipping point – what do you need
  • We need the right people
  • We’ve gotta cross the finish line
  • Swing for the fences
  • We’re at an inflexion point
  • We only have winners here no losers
  • I think we’re gonna win this deal
  • All it needs is a little marketing
  • Just put some marketing around that and we’re all good – should only take a day

help me please



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