Golf Instruction – Putting – Hal Sutton Pt. 2

Part C – Visualization & Imagery

 The Hole is a Clockface




[SVGolfer Observation & Reflection:  time is the fourth dimension.  Every thing that requires expertise and dedication in order to reach a result – like, let’s say – finding the truth or finding your bliss or dropping your ball in the right job – requires time and a timing metaphor.  Extend the analog even further and if one’s life is measured in years and 18 years is how long it takes to go from being a baby to being an adult – then maybe we have 18 holes because each hole represents a year-in-the-life of trying to reach a resolution or a growth goal and the fairway is the most direct or ‘straight’ line but, as we all know, life can take you on an adventure, a frustrating ride, a journey of confusion and misshaps and everything in between.]

 Hall Sutton’s & the GC’s imagery tip:  Look at he the hole like a clock face.  The right furthest lip is 3 o’clock, the top is noon, the left side is 9 o’clock etc.  Aim for section of the cup – right lip, inside right, down the middle, inside left, etc.

 Commercial Sidenote:  the  I want to do this in 2015 or 2016.


Part D – Reading a Hole

 Go all the way around the hole

  • Read the grain – if it’s slick and shiney it will roll fast away from you because the grain is leaning away from you.  If it’s a drak green it is growing towards you – and you’ll want to stroke with more speed.  Obviously if your path crosses two shae type you’ll need to factor increase and decrease of speed during the putt.

Best way to read the green is to read from under the break of the ball – walk the whole length of the putt from underneath the line (not above) because it’s easier to read the break


I like Ping – I think that’s my brand

About drainage holes – beware, these are natural areas to drain water and the grain of the grass always grows in the direction of water flow so make a note.

How to miss properly?  With breaks – try to miss on the upper-side of the hole so that the ball could break into the hole

Its all about putting yourself in the right position

Next session – Bunker Play


he’s a nice guy



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