Golf Training – Putting – Hal Sutton Explains Pt.1

Part A – On Fundamentals of Putting:



Hal in his younger years

No violence – meaning no sudden moves or shifts. Learn about speed control

 Practice Drill / Nice Drill:  The 3 putt drill.  Try to putt with the following 3 intentions;

  • Try to hit the back of the hole (a hard putt)
  • Try to roll the ball so it dies at the lip of the hole and drops in
  • Try to putt right in the middle

 This will help with finding the length of the stroke and the right speed of the stroke.

 Interesting Fact – Did You Know?

When a player puts the ball – the ball rolls the length of your hand in one revolution.  Hmmm – I guess that means it travels often much further than you would assume so learning how this thing rolls is key.  Think about it as you try to learn “true” speed.

 **SVG Side note:  so much in golf entails getting to “true” something – true square face, true hit, a true swing (in the slot), etc…. it reminds me of truth being the ultimate ruler of all graces in great philosophies like Kabbalah or even our Judea-Christian cultural belief systems.  Truth – many paths to it (as there are many snowflakes of a golf swing) but only one truth for all.

 LESSON1 – Learn TRUE speed.

 Part B – How to Read a Putt and Pick Your Line



yikes. whatever works. i like plumbing

But first – a little adage: “You can’t make a putt until you know how hard you’re going to hit it”  Figure out your speed first, then putt.  [SVGolfer sidenote – I guess that really means that speed and line-of-roll are interdependent and that’s strikes me as true.  The harder you stroke the straighter the line but the greater chance of a very long putt if you miss.  In reverse, the gentler you stroke the greater the curve of the line depending on the slope which means greater ball movement but, hopefully, a much shorter second putt if you miss.  A lot about golf seems to be about covering your backside when it comes to misses.  I heard Tiger talking once about how he knows how to miss well.  One man’s shank is another man’s graceful power fade – or something like that.)

 Another SVGolfer sidenote:  the mobile phone golf practice app GL Lite is great for grasping the concept of speed and line when putting.  I love it and use it all the time when riding the traing to virtuall read putts.  It even shows the ball speed and slope with little virtual balls floating around before you putt.  It has helped me mentally when it comes to physically playing the greens.)

 Reading a putt is a function of how hard you hit – then you pick your line.  Likewise, you can decide on your line and then figure out what the best speed is to have the ball roll that line.  I’m reminded of how many golfers pick a mid-point (almost like they’re picking the apex of a triangle – where the direct line is the base and one side represents the ball trajectory up – the mid-point, and the other side represents the ball roll down into the hole.  Every putt is a triangle waiting to be drawn.

 Faster = straighter line.  Slower = more curves and action at the end of line.


sometimes it takes 2


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