Congratulations Bubba Watson!! 2014 Masters Champion

Boy what a swing.  Gotta like the guy.

Hmmm.  And so he’s won how many times and he’s a self-taught professional golfer? Hmmm.  He has his own swing to the point that his right foot comes off the ground when driving and he clearly appreciates striking the ball at the decent-bounce-angle versus the ascent – especially when chipping or pitching – placing the ball some 1 foot behind his left heel and his stance is exaggeratedly wide like no one’s business.

He’s a testiment to the adage that Paul Azinger espouses – which is that instruction is good but only if you guide it – take what you need and lose what you don’t – only you know what your swing is really like.  We have instincts that are innate that tell when we’re approaching our path to universals truths – like the truth of a consistent square club face striking a golf ball sweetly.

When I read that article in this latest Golf Digest issue about the 3 grip/swing types (under/netral/over – much like the 3 ways to hold a tennis racket) it was obvious.  But also made me feel like I wish I’d known that at the very beginning.  That’s a pretty big starting point not to know about – right?

So – It also made it clear that all that stuff you hear on the Golf Channel or in any instruction book or from you rfriends or your private instructor –  starts with an assumption of which style they are teaching.  Hogan’s book – although all the fundamentals still hold true – because truth is truth and proper grip, stance elbows, etc… apply regardless of variables that are custom like swing plane and grip type. ……Hogan’s book seems drafted for a neutral swing – I think.  As soon as I started going to the swing with the woman figured in the article – the under one (i forget the name exactly) I practiced in the backyard and ‘found bottm’ of the bounce fairly easily.  I’m a natrual born slicer – or controlled fader – I think.  In tennis I love the drop shot especially cross court or an underspin return to a fast serve.  It’s my natural tendency.  I have to extend myself if I want to do a good topspin – but i prefer not to.

Anyway – congratulation Bubba.  You give all of us do-it-yourselfers who believe they can get there with some gumption and a little help from their friends a little more hope and inspiration.

SVGolfer salutes!!


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