Donald Fagan (Steely Dan) & Stevie Wonder

Mentioned in the same sentence is rare.  But Pharrell – the artist who produced the tune “Happy” which, for a commercial sonog I have to admit I really like – referred to them on the CBS News this morning show.  Not only is his story amazing, I love the fact that he gave props to his school teachers by name and said he wouldn’t be anywhere without them.  Giving props to those around you – and humbling the ego is a lesson I always need.

But he mentioned Donald Fagen by name as an artist who had something to really say.

Steely Dan – perhaps – no definitely my favorite band of all time.  Donald Fagen was always a shy type – self professed.  It was always about a girl or most always.  Makes sense to me.  I still don’t understand them or her or her or them.  Even though what’s a world without the fairer sex?  Not worth living in my opinion.  I mean, I don’t even know what all the rest of this stuff is all about.  Let just go back to the garden of eden and call it a day – right?

I hope Pharrel is listening to Donald Fagen’s latest stuff like Morph the Cat – which is awesome once you get past the first few songs – actually songs 5 onward are the best.  AND Katekamarid (incorrect spelling is very good as well).  He still tours and Walter Becker is Back but I’m not crazy about the concert repetooire.  Acutally – Steely Dan never made a bad album.

But – who knew poeple put Steely Dan up there.  I thought the band was all but forgotten except for the usual “Ricky Don’t Lose That Number” and “FM” and “Reelin’ in the Years”.  Awesome.  I respect this artist – Pharrell – even more now.

Steely Dan is the quitntessential bomb.  If not for them I may have never discovered Jazz and KCSM – the best Jazz station inthe world.  And they broadcast on the internet worlwide – does it get any better then that.?  And I would have never made it through adolescence or my twenties or life or my many jobs or college or my first break up or my first existential thought or anything.  Buddhisatva – right?

Aaah – what a great way to start my Sunday.  I am HAPPY>  What a sharp looking smart kid.


Imageaja – awesome

Image two against nature – very good

Imageglamour profession and wlaj between the raindrops are my favorites but the whoel album is good.  this is quitessential album studio music

Image brilliant

Image it’s all about recording in the right stuiod room.  these guys new what analog production was all about.

Image they are all greast albums.  Donald Fagen definitely had something to say – like “We go to Las Vegas or is the Lost Wages?”  If you ever listen to the song where the hum the refrain “Las Vegas” you’ll hear them mix in the words “Lost Wages”

The best band of all time in my mind.


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