It’s Not the Kite – It’s The Air – Let the Ego Go!

That Pharrel Kid is pretty smart.  He barely takes any credit for his success – and i get it!

I spent the weekend thinking I need to spend more time self-promoting myself.  That’s how people get ahead in this world.  Yo’re a loser even if you’re great if you don’t make the effort the shine the light and grab the mic and tell everyone how great you are.  that’s how movers and shakers do it.  not this guy.  And not me.  I don’t believe in that.  It is fools gold.  I you think it’s you that fot you here by yourself you are wrong.  He gave props to everyone.  I like the cut of his jib.  I think he gets it.  I agree with him.  It’s not about you or me.  We get where we are because we’re the kite and we’re being carried along by the air.  Thank the air.  Don’t believe that the kite got so high on its own.  I need to keep this lesson close.

It’s not the Kite, It’s the Air – WOW look at that beautiful magnifecnt air.  Praise be to the air.



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