Riton by frambuesa on Beats du Jour

This tune is a rare excellent find for me. I swear that Michelle N’Digocello (forgive my misspelling) is on the bass.

Just a great tune to end a down in the dumps day. Today the dream seems so far away I can’t believe I’m so serious about it. Serious doubt. What am I doing? What’s taking me so long to get anywhere? I’m such a basket case. Who do I think I am anyway and why should I expect a different outcome for me and my wishes? What right is it to wish? Uuugh.

This gig is bringing me down.

So instead I will snap my fingers and tap my feet on the train and pretend I’m eight dancing with my air drums and bass in the basement like my life depended on it. Good times yep. Good times.

There it is, from Elian Elias to this – life is good. I am grateful.


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