The Future of Driving from Google

Off the golf range driving may belong to Google!  If you want to drive with no hands that is. hah!

This is very intriguing.  Self driving cars – just like in the Jetsons.  The future is here.  Very cool and possibly mainstream in less than 3 years.

So many positives except for the driver who absolutely positively has to get there by beating traffic and running red lights.

Probably for someone from the east coast – hah!

Guess what – search and directions will still be built right in.  Now all we need is video phone calls and a laser beam and a really cool honking horn and I can say “Beam me up Scotty!”




I like this alot

In the future – in today’s non-industrialized countries we will leap frog gas engines and long cable phone lines – what a beautiful world it will be.  complete with water desalination plants.

IGY by Steely Dan comes to mind



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