Golf Lesson #18b – San Jose – The Best Town Around – I Love San Jose & Golf









Having a Swing you can trust is very important.  It’s not about just hitting the ball once really well.  You need to be able to go to that well without thinking about it.  So innate trust is important.  [SVG note to selftrust is a principle – a life principle – must like justice – or maybe not a life principle but an aspect of coming to understanding.  There is a lot of talk in golf about trust – trusting your opponent to do the honorable thing even when out of sight and playing his/her ball, trust in your reading of the line or the break, trust in your ability, hitting the club face true or square – trust is an aspect of being able to do anything well -right?  it is at the root of anything good or worth pursuing.  – this is worthy of an article to write more about – end of SVGnotetoself]

Fundamentals of find a trust-worthy swing according to Hal Sutton – a PGA tour champion – includes:

  • Swing within yourself
  • accuracy is better than distance so go for accuracy – don’t overdo it
  • distance comes from the body turn – turn your body



sanjose airview1

WHO KNEW? Who is Calvin Peete?  Apparently a pretty good black golf player from back in the day – who knew?



How close to the ball should you stand? – Most people stand too far away from the ball – this is key for me i think i do that and then when my arms swing down I end up hitting dirt because of that thing called gravity and my inability to reach out that far and maintain a smooth plane on the downswing – but i do it because it feels safer.

SO some things to do:

  • Keep your hands close to your belt buckle (about a hand spread-widths distant away)
  • Also – keep the ball lined up with your left heel
  • Your body is part of the swing – its not just the arms
  • Swing at a speed that you can stay on top of

coming home

Decision Time – I’ve decided.  I’m done.  I’m starting that new business.  Life’s to short.  As the famous saying in Shawshank Redemption goes “Get Busy Living – Or Get Busy Dying”

Thank goodness i live in this town where I can play and enjoy golf all year round.




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