PGA Tour Winner – JB Holmes – Congratulations

This year will be the year of underdogs and who-is-that.  I know people (some) are sick of Tiger – but I never will be.  Common.  He’s the Michael Jordan of basketball.  He made it main stream.  He made it an accessible art form.  For many reasons – too complicated to get into here he is controversial (no I’m not thinking the obvious).  I’m thinking about america’s long-standing history and miss understandings with race and, more importantly, class structures.  [SVGnotetoself – we have become increasingly class based and class separate – with very hard walls forming between the 5 or so classes in our society – not counting to forgotten].

And there ya go’.  Another winner, another name not often mentioned but a good name and a good win.  Hat’s off Mr. Holmes.  Do you walk with a cape and magnifying glass sometimes?  Hah!


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