Drill For the Month – Simple Practice: Sometimes Small Yields Big

Pick a swing (short, long, mid) and practice it anyway you want – 100 times a day for a month.  I heard Steve Stricker abides by simple routines like these to keep himself golf-focused during his hometown long winter months.

nothing fancy.  you can try it like an air guitar or with a club-in-hand but with no ball or with an actual club and ball into a practice net in the back yard or out on the range ….- whatever…..  Just swing away 100 times everyday like you’re taking practice jump shots in basketball or something and that’s it.  walk away.  remember to warm up lightly before and after.  i find that we guys forget to warm up and down (especially stretching the shoulders) and that causes unnecessary muscle injury because we think we’re still 20-somethings.

Just do that for a month and your swing and groove and mental memory will improve.  Sometimes the simple things make a big difference if we keep at them persistently.  Now that a mystery but it’s true.  Life lesson and a golf training tip.  Ch-ching.


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