Theme of the Year – They’re Human Afterall & Jimenez is the Coolest PGA Tour Player

I was reading an article the other day in GDigest or something remarking on how spoiled we’ve all been with decades of Tiger play.  Golf has been fun and exciting of late and I’m a Bubba fan all the way and i have total respect for all the new and young and international players and all…. but – [you knew that was coming] things just haven’t been the same.  Those Sunday’s of miraculous unbelievable play are no more.  Instead we have 1-hit wonders and veteran challengers.  And the game is turning east.  But that a whole other story.

Upside?  I actually am enjoying watching play still.  – the good news is (and the bad news is) we’ve seen very human play from everyone like Phil or Adam AND…watching the BMW Championship (Surrey, England) – today I just witnessed Martin Kaymer hacking it out it the woods 3 times.  I was like – “HEY!!, he’s totally human.  I do that everyday! hah.  So it gives me hope.”  Should it never happen to a pro – I don’t know.  Hogan describes Golf as a humbling fickle temptress that only raises us up to dash us down.  The ultimate pursuit of the holy grail, the Argonauts journey, the unattainable pursuit.  Well if that’s the case – but i can still make some cash and have some good days and mixed in with the bad while taking in that beautiful green everyday – then sign me up and give me another dose of this hope.  Sure it’s rainy – but even Luke Donald looking pecker-ed.  Who knew – he’s human too!


Luke Donald


Martin Kaymer

Haven’t been writing of late.

In a Chrysalis State. Yikes!

Time to practice my 25 foot bump and run in the backyard.  I’m getting pretty good at aiming and dropping my ball into my practice net with a PW or even my 55 degree SW – right into the red net smaller circle – about 30% of the time and the rest of the balls fall all within the vicinity.  I’m using a little practice green, real golf wiffle balls (not ping pong type wiffle balls – there is a difference) and placing the net about 10-12 yards away.  I pretend that the net is my drop spot to land the ball on the green for a hole on a green that requires a roll for another 15-20 yards away represented by a big tree in the backyard so I have a visual image of a mild downhill bum and run that breaks slightly right.  


Then I just focus on getting it into the net.  Taking it so slow forces you to think about tempo and posture so much.  I’m figuring out that it is important to feel some of your weight on your heels.  I’ve never been conscious of that deliberately but I find it helps if I am.  Yet another dangling participle to fit into the jigsaw maze of finding a consistent swing.  But it helps with the pendulum tempo thing.

Anyway – who knew – they’re human after-all!!


Martin Kaymer

I’ve decided to commit to the chip shot and short game for all of 2014.  And then there’s this guy.  He just turned 50 and he’s lliterally steaming right along.  Congratulations to Jiminez on Espana’s win.


Miguel Jimenez – 50 and goin’ strong


Aaah, corinthian leather, plush greens and a fine cigar – Yes! I’m the coolest golfer out here. Take that Tiger!


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