Images of Google Glass

Still I think we should try and leave technology off the fairway.  Pretty soon you can program the glasses to draw your line and point out the break and calculate wind speed and moisture and all that stuff.  Maybe it’ll let you buy a cold beverage from the beverage cart too – now that I’m at it.  






Go Go Gadget …. Google Golf

Go Go Gadget …. Google Golf

As in Google Golf glasses that are star-trekking and holo-graphing golf data right onto your eyeballs as you walk down the fairway.  Should Bushnell and Garmin be threatened – I think so.  Sure sure – everyone will ridicule it at first but these viewing lenses have legs baby!



Music for the Day – Daily Log Stardate 062314 0900am

Its important to understand that everything happens in its own time – including a golf swing.

It’s taken me 6 months with 1/2 the time spent recovering from muscle injuries to truly feel as if I’ve reached a level of competence with the pitch and bump and run short game shots only.  This is a time intensive committed activity for sure.

I was ready to re-think my commitment but instead got a hitting net to start practicing my new Nike 3-wood that I bought nearly 3 months + ago.  I have yet to even go out and play 9-holes.  I’m disappointed but re-affirmed.

So – sometimes you have to just keep swimming.  It’s hard to work full time, commit to a life-stage full-time and to a time-intensive sport full time.  right?  I’ll get there eventually.  right? right. oh well.  back to monday morning emails.  here’s a list of tunes i found in a stack on my desk.

  • Curry Rice by Torpedo Boyz on “Com on Feel the Boyz”
  • Guadalupe by Panico on “Guadalupe EP”
  • Uncharted by Late Night Alumni on “Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, etc…”

Monday’s require inspiration.