Music for the Day – Daily Log Stardate 062314 0900am

Its important to understand that everything happens in its own time – including a golf swing.

It’s taken me 6 months with 1/2 the time spent recovering from muscle injuries to truly feel as if I’ve reached a level of competence with the pitch and bump and run short game shots only.  This is a time intensive committed activity for sure.

I was ready to re-think my commitment but instead got a hitting net to start practicing my new Nike 3-wood that I bought nearly 3 months + ago.  I have yet to even go out and play 9-holes.  I’m disappointed but re-affirmed.

So – sometimes you have to just keep swimming.  It’s hard to work full time, commit to a life-stage full-time and to a time-intensive sport full time.  right?  I’ll get there eventually.  right? right. oh well.  back to monday morning emails.  here’s a list of tunes i found in a stack on my desk.

  • Curry Rice by Torpedo Boyz on “Com on Feel the Boyz”
  • Guadalupe by Panico on “Guadalupe EP”
  • Uncharted by Late Night Alumni on “Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, etc…”

Monday’s require inspiration.



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