Training Notes: Pre-Shot Routines and Putting 0702140657ampst


Can I say it one more time!  During this longtime dry spell of burgeoning golf personalities – no offense intended to Adam Scott, Matt Kuchar, Bubba Watson or anyone else out there – if you’re looking for a player who looks like a guy you’d like to have a beer with…….Jimenez – he’s the golfer with Schwagg!!


Pre-round/pre-shot routine.  According to Jimenez these are some things to do before a shot.  Note: try to develop routines.  Routines are what lead to consistency.  By doing the same thing all the time before a shot, you can remove your mind from the activity when you’re under pressure and still perform.  Some tips from Jimenez;

  1. Main thing is to get your heart rate down and to have positivism
  2. Do a couple of loose swing and feel like you swing to the left
  3. Deep Breathe & Focus
  4. Stay in the moment and keep the heart rate low.



On Putting & Visualizing

Visualizing the putt is fundamental to good putting.

  • What to visualize? According to Morris Hatalsky – 4 career PGA Tour winner – one good thing to think about and visualize is how the ball will behave as it approaches the cup and looses speed.  Will it break a lot, a little, not at all?




There are 2 schools of thought when approaching a putt


  1. You can try to look at the back of the cup and hit it a little past it so it drop in firm or
  2. You can let it die into the hole – this doesn’t assume big breaks where you start trying to place the place someplace on a cup-clock….still).

Here’s a Tip: Try putting in the morning dew when you can see the ball line in the dew when it rolls to the cup

Games for Training:  Putt for dough – a good game to play to practice, check it out on

Congratulation USA team for their world cup performance.  This is great for world sports.

SVGsidenote of quirky golf terms: Definition: In golf, the word “buzzard” is a synonym for double bogey, or 2-over par on any individual golf hole. If you play a par-4 hole and score six, you’ve made a buzzard.”Buzzard” was much more common in the early parts of the 20th century; it is rarely used in modern golf. also Known As: Double bogey.  Examples: “I made a 6 on that par-4 – mark me down for a buzzard.”

These notes (some of them, mostly the ones from the PGA pros above) are from the following show:

From Champions Tour Learning Center: Airdate April 22 2014 with David Marr III.



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