This Innovation is Wow and Not So Obvious – Trackman

Trackman!! da da dada da da dada da – Trackman!!

So if you have 5K sitting around and you want to see how each one of your strikes spin and land the golf ball …AND … you also want to get great 3D metrics visual analysis (HD and all) of your trajectory, roll and all that stuff – then this is worth checking out.


“Why aren’t these guys working with SVGolfer to set something up for local communities to host at-home golf parties or even compete virtually worldwide a la Virtual Wolrd Golf Tour?” [SVGolfer sidenote/note to self]. The possibilities are endless. Like, Golfsmith could host virtual tour competitions complete with stats to local neighborhood amateurs.


Again – this is pretty cool – but underscores just how exclusive this golf world can be and how it once was (and often still belongs to) a class that ruled during the Great Gatsby era – meaning it was never intended for the masses. Did I say that? So let me add – IMHO. And let me also add that this is part of the reason why the industry (sans Tiger) is facing such upheaval and turmoil and can’t seem to find it way out of a viewership and future-golfer’s slump.

It’s gotten so bad – case in point – that some muni and local golf holes are now offering Soccergolf or Footgolf to stay solvent. It just not right.

And we haven’t really begun to face the other challenges including how hard it is to move from humble practitioner to apprentice status and,at a macro level the growing costs of playing and the possibility of longer drought cycle’s and higher operational costs.

But all this aside – this is pretty cool.


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