What Does A Jumpshot Have In Common with a Good Golf Swing?

It’s all in the wrist.


The Bball Jumpshot Guy

If you try and hit the golf ball while swinging the club with no wrist action you will always end up hitting the turf with your club and not making a very good shot – at least that’s what happens to me. Same thing in basketball.  


If you try and hit a jump shot without having the ball roll-off your middle, third and pinky finger so that it back spins on the way to the hoop or the backboard – you’ll most likely hit a brick or have the ball bounce out.  Your wrist action is critical otherwise, everything relys on how well you turn your waist and the arm-triangle.  The wrists are a great variable of control.

If the basketball has a back spin it is more likely to drop in after a bounce even if it hits the rim.  That’s just a fact.  If i do a jumpshot with no spin I have a 50/50 chance of a drop-in after a bounce.  With wrist action and spin, the probability goes up to like 90% even when I hit the rim.

There’s a bunch of stuff on why this is the case online – just Bing “Jump Throw Mechanics” or something.  

Last week – I tried making sure i was flipping my wrists and ended up striking the ball at speeds that were insane – like I was skipping a stone – just whipping it and watching it zip off and it was straight and hit the practice target spots.

 If I made sure I stayed balanced and had a nice slow tempo – it was insane how fast my club head speed was.  Incidentally – I tried again yesterday and lost that whipping motion.  I need to find a way to dial this into muscle memory. I think one reason I couldn’t replicate the experience was because i did not stretch my wrist before practicing and i didn’t use an old Lynx pitching wedge – that seemed to be back-weighted and made it easier to turn over my wrists.  I think.science of best basketball throw

But on the day I was feeling like Bubba last week, I had come home after practicing on the bball hoops at work and I was strike beauties into my backyard new fairway netting set-up.

– i’m getting much better at swishing the ball 10-20 times in a row while practicing at work.  This low-key off-course way of practicing has proven very helpful.  And I use similar techniques that help me with golf while practicing free-throws – like keeping my elbows pinned to my sides, using wrists, and

  1. keeping my head still,
  2. looking at the same spot on the back board so my eyes help ball flight,
  3. staying relaxed while lunch-eater watch me play,
  4. and following thru with my wrist, elbow and fingers so my fingers point to the target.

science of bskt shot

Here are some picture to help support my argument.  Now I have a better understanding of what they mean by “fast hands”

Also – just like with other advice – you can’t have a fluid graceful jumpshot with any violent motion, jerkiness, pushy motion or whatever – it’s got to be smooth – like skipping a stone.!!

Happy Monday – the SVGolfer

multiple_basketball shot still frame full_swing_muscles




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