Music to Golf By or Anything Self-Affirming By

Today – My Music List as I punch out a few more marketing do-dads at the end of my work day.

Next stop – my chipping pad and chipping net in the front yard.  BTW – The new method of just flicking the right wrist back and then swinging thru (no backswing) has a low error rate and proves consistent.  It’s not a traditional swing but it’s one to have in you repetoire.

Anyway – it’s all about the music sometimes

  • Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan on Pretzel LogicSteely-Dan-FM-No-Static-At-A-81527
  • Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest on Dancing in the Moonlight
  • Let Go by NRBQ on Keep This Love Goin’
  • Remain Silent by Keb’ Mo’ onSuitcase  
    keb mo 05

    KEB MO

  • Help Me by Joni Mitchell on Court & Spark
  • Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema on Kitsune Maison Compliation 9
  • Something About Us by Daft Punk on Daft Club
  • You by Plej from Electronic Music from the Swedish Leftcoast (cool title)
  • Needle on the Record by Naomi on Cala D’Hort Volume 2
  • You Can’t Blame It On Anybody by Phoenix on Alphabetical (svgnote: what a sweet tune – can I walk down a Brooklyn sidewalk during sunset and people watch and laugh out loud at the silliness of life? – please? – what a nice tune)
  • Get Up Get Started by Loma Lee on Rendevous
  • Daft-Punk-daft-punk-12804853-1680-1050

Happy Listening  from SVG


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