CDC Golf and Country Club aka Mimosa

It is so easy to be north america focused. I need to broaden my horizons and think about places like this one – who knew? but i’m glad i do now. thx – happy golfing. i’ll put it on my list. @svgolfer – theSiliconvalleyGolfer

Golf is More Fun in the Philippines

At Mimosa

Known to the rest of us as Mimosa, the CDC Golf & Country Club was built on the original Clark Air Base Golf Course. Intended to be the ultimate getaway complex in golf boom of the 1990s Mimosa is built on what was known as the Clark Air Base Golf Club. The original eighteen was split and expanded into what are now two lovely golf courses.

Redesigned in 1992 under former Mimosa Leisure Estate chair Antonio Gonzales by Hawaii based course architects Robin Nelson and Neal Haworth, Mimosa now boasts 36-holes of delightful golf that exploits the differences in terrain of the vast property.

The Acacia Course is the easier of the two. It winds around most of the original layout through ancient trees from which the course gets its name. The holes are short for the most part and although there are a few lakes, the course is very…

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