Putting Tips and Drills

Good tips. Now if only someone can fully explain what Paul Azinger calls getting to the line from black to white or white to black meaning from under versus over the ball line based on if it’s a left right or right left putt plus how to read the different shades and how a ball rolls on an uphill slant …. I’ll be all set. Good stuff. Thx.

Twilight Tee Time

by Tyler Bantle

The biggest compliment I get about my golf game is my ability to roll the rock. There are days when all my putts are falling, but even on days when they are not, I manage to stay right around the hole and that helps me eliminate a lot of big numbers.  I do practice my putting a fair amount, but not to any point that would seem extreme. What I try to do is make sure I (a) practice correctly, and (b) always remain confident with my process.


My Process

Over the years new ideas on how to read greens have been brought to the forefront and several of them are very effective.  However, as a good putter of the golf ball, I can tell you that reading greens is not a math equation, but based on feel and trust.  Whether I am looking at a putt…

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