Confidence Part II: As In Relationships – So In Golf Swing?

So this morning they’re talking about Rory and his confidence this week.

He seems to have a lot of  it right now.  Can’t seem to strike the ball wrong even if he tried!!

True they are trying to fill rain delay time so they’re gonna start talking in platitudes and stuff –  but often they utter truisms during the broadcast and I think this was one of those times.  So they start drumming up the ‘ole theme of confidence again.  It’s gotta be up there along side – courage, justice, mercy, and the other graces – wouldn’t you say?!!


up up and away

Confidence – apparently comes when you accept things (good and bad) and don’t complain and then keep at it and get the experience and a sense of knowledge and self – UNDERSTANDING to know that you can trust what you’re doing.

Confidence seems to come from a place of quiet within yourself.  At least so it seems.

And maybe that has something to do with relationships?

Some people might say that falling in love can ruin a golfer’s game or any sport professional’s game.  In the case maybe it’s just – not being in the right place with someone – wife, girlfriend, guy firend or whatever.

Apparently Rory broke up with his girlfriend _ Wozniaki(??) – this summer and it presented some clouds in his personal life.  With the storm clouds aside – he’s now playing like his old self.  That story seems to take place in that way a lot in all sports now that I think about it.

So maybe – just maybe when things are terrible on the golf course – it points to a not-so-balanced state-of-mind in one’s personal life.  Sometimes what’s off the course effects what’s on the course.

My noodle for the morning.  But the path to confidence is feeling more and more like one of those Golf-informs-life-informs-golf paths of self-knowing that feels like a long and windy uphill road to a mountain top that never appears.

But the vistas get nicer all along the way if your legs hold up.

Grasshopper?  Yes?  What is the sound of one hand clapping?




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